My first novel Xan & Ink will be published on October 9th, 2016! X&I is a fast, visceral introduction to The Arc, a sprawling fantasy world that is also the setting for my upcoming novels RAPAXORIS and LOAM. 

Xan & Ink tells the stories of two disgraced brothers, a fanatical priest and an escaped slave who venture into the foreboding Kalparcimex, an uncharted jungle teeming with an incredible variety of wondrous and murderous insects. When the legendary ranger Xan refuses to help the adventurers on their quest for redemption, they enter into an ill-advised pact with Ink, a cursed sorceress who stains everything she touches. Caught in the conflict between the two powerful figures, the four banished heroes must confront their darkest desires to escape the Kalparcimex! 

Xan and Ink brings an epic tale of redemption in transformation in a brisk 272 pages. It was edited by the very talented Margot Atwell, author of Derbylife: A Crash Course in the Incredible Sport of Roller Derby and co-author of The Insider's Guide to Publishing Success. The cover art is by Adam Priester

I'm currently looking for people interested in reviewing Xan and Ink prior to its October Release. We have both printed advanced reader copies and kindle\epub versions available. 

If you liked Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer or The First Law by Joe Abercrombie, elements of Xan & Ink will definitely appeal to you. Xan & Ink was written for people who like vivid descriptions, ultra violence, questionable morals, and explicit sex scenes. It's a heartwarming experience for the whole family. 

If you're interested in getting a review copy of X&I, please contact me below.