Hello! I'm a writer currently in Brooklyn, New York.

My other interests are:

Board Games
Abstract Expressionist Painting
Pirate Radio
League of Legends (S7 Diamond Jangle Teemo)


I  hit a lot of cons. Ranked in order of preference they are Readercon, Adamcon, Essen Spiel, Pax, The New York Comicon, and Gencon. Feel free to shout obscenities at me if you happen to spot me at one of these things, I long for combat. 

You can get an eyeful of me in my OSHA nightmare studio there. Video by the very talented Laurens from Hazefilm.be


Zak Zyz has worked as a welder, electrician, roofer, and cryptologic linguist, and is currently a sinister senior systems administrator in Brooklyn. He hosts The Surreal Symphony, a late-night call in show, and Strategically Correct, a Brooklyn board gaming society. Zak has been published on Tor.com and appeared on Hour of the Wolf. His first novella, SURVIVAL MODE, was published in 2015. Xan and Ink is his first novel.


1: Zak has hitchhiked cross-country and visited all 48 contiguous states. He has many stories about weird, dangerous and wonderful encounters he had while thumbing across America. He has also backpacked extensively in Europe and Central America.

2: Zak is an abstract expressionist painter and produces a lot of weird-looking art. He is a finalist for the Macktez summer stipend, and was recently featured in a microdocumentary about NYC artists by HAZEfilm. He sells space-themed handmade art and jewelry as Jupiter’s Forge. His methodology and art are bizarre and compelling.

3: Zak has been involved in numerous pirate radio stations and has been broadcasting for 20 years in a number of formats. In his time as a clandestine broadcaster he has been raided by the FCC, attacked by disgruntled DJs, and banned from a station for life by an angry anarchist tribunal. He continues to broadcast every tuesday night on KPISS, a tiny station in Bushwick that broadcasts out of a shipping container.

4. Zak worked as a hotel manager in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina and defied the mandatory evacuation order to help defend his hotel against looters.. He survived during the state of anarchy that followed and has many anecdotes about canoeing down Esplanade Avenue.  fighting off looters, delivering food to refugees and ultimately escaping New Orleans.

5. Zak is an avid board gamer with an enormous collection of modern board games. Strategically Correct, his board game society is an invite-only gladiatorial rendezvous for some of the most combative minds in New York. STRAC’s members include former World Boardgaming Championship champions for Agricola, Race for the Galaxy, and Diplomacy. You can only join by defeating a champion at their own game. Zak is always up to date on the latest new releases, industry news, and trends in traditional board gaming.

Info for Podcasters and Broadcasters:

I've been on both sides of the mic on this one many a time and have a pretty strong background in improvisational comedy. Expect a lively interview. My recording channel is an Electrovoice RE20 or a Telefunken AR-51 into a Symmetrix Airtools X2. I'm happy to record on site anywhere in the NY metro area, or if you'll be at a conference check with me, I may be there as well! 

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