My first amazon free day has ended and 80 people acquired SURVIVAL MODE! So very shortly the reviews should move out of the friends, family, and well-wishers hugbox and into the dark and forboding territory of what random people on the internet actually think. An exciting and dangerous time for a new author. Already I'm starting to hear from people all over the world who started reading and can't stand the name of the protagonist ("K is the best you could come up with, seriously? Nice one Franz Zakfka), are upset at how women are portrayed in the book ("Your only female character is a pigball?") and just generally a lot of people who are upset the book is so short and are voracious for more. I really have to get going on book 2. 

Thanks to everyone who shared our free day with their friends, we could not have reached so many people without without your help! I very much appreciate your kind words and reviews, which will help to weather the storm to come. 

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The inexorable march towards being a full time author continues!

Zak Zyz