First day of MakerFaire!

It's my first day of Makerfaire with Jupiter's Forge! Many a pendant was slung and much to my surprise I managed to sell copies of all three Gutpunch Press titles.  


Here's a skater from the GGRD junior league! From the sound of it, she was allowed to get one thing at the fair and this was what she picked!  Really amazing to see how exicted she was, Em Dash should be super proud! They also picked up a copy of SURVIVAL MODE! Never too young to start kids learning about the dangers of self-augmenting artificial intelligences.  


Quite a few people picked up pendants from Jupiter's Forge! It's always so touching to see how passionate people get about my weird art.





By far my favorite part of the day was two mischievous girls who commandeered my booth and demanded I teach them how to make friendship bracelets. It turned into an impromptu workshop where we all built jewelry. They worked really fast too! It's totally worth everyone thinking you employ child labor to make some kids happy.  



I'll be back tomorrow!